Girls in Gis

This past weekend Lana and I took a road trip to Dallas/Richardson to train with the women of Girls in Gi's. Girls in Gi's is a community of girls and women who train Brazilian jiu-jitsu and provide a fun, friendly environment for training.

Lana and I were hungry for a mini adventure and our friend Georgette strongly recommended that we go to the Girls in Gi's training day. Richardson is about 3.5 hrs from Austin, give or take a little bit depending on how fast you drive. However, the trip went rather fast since we gabbed the whole way. Lana and I are are both getting ready for the Mundials in June. We were excited about the prospect of training with more women.

All the women of Girls in Gi's were super friendly and made us feel right at home. We went over a few techniques and then it was open mat. It was nice to be among other women who share the same passion as I do. It has been a long time since I've been around that many women on the mats all at once. Some how Lana and I ended up rolling together for most of the open mat time. Which is some what funny seeing as we drove together, but we don't train together on a regular basis.

I had a great time meeting everyone at Girls in Gi's. I strongly encourage women in the state of Texas to come on out and train with this organization. The next training is going to be in San Antonio. Keep an eye out for the info. Big thanks to the women who organized this event. See y'all soon!

More information on Girls in Gi's can be found at:


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