Life back on the mats

Since returning to my "normal" life, I've been bogged down by my responsibilities (i.e. working and maintaining my life). I've only been able to get back on the mats and train maybe once or twice. This is never easy for me since I am a total Jiu Jitsu junkie. On the other hand, I have to say it is nice to kind of slow down a bit, nurture my body (at least for the next week) and give it a break from the intense training that its been put through.

The most enjoyable part is that I can (for the most part) eat what ever I want for a bit and I don't have to be as strict about what foods I eat. I can enjoy what I lovingly call "fat girl" foods like BBQ, cup cakes and Lasagna. Normally I am not a huge food person and I just kind of eat because I have to. I don't even normally have cravings for much. But after cutting weight and only eating oatmeal, protein shakes, Acai, granola, fish and broccoli for months on end my imagination goes wild when it comes to food. I can not wait to get my hands on something different.

One of the best parts of being at the level that I am in Jiu Jitsu is I am really starting to see where my strengths and weakness are. Which is exciting for me because I am able to analyse my "game". I can build off my strengths and improve in the areas that need attention. I figure I got until the end of this week to "take it easy" and then it is time to kick it into high gear again to get ready for the Abu Dhabi tourney. With the 100 degree weather upon us, I am stoked about training more no gi. As much as i love my gi, it will be nice to not be rolling around in a sweat sponge all summer long.

One of the areas that I am going to be focusing on in the coming months is take downs. How I've gone so long with having little to no game when it comes to take downs is slightly embarrassing. I've some how justified it because most women don't use or know take downs so why should I. It is horrible reasoning. Following the monkey see monkey do philosophy I will get me no where and I realize this. That is why this is going to change. I am not in this to be just another women competitor. I am in it to win it. I have high hopes of going above and beyond. I know what it takes and am ready to set the wheels in motion. So on ward goes my quest for self improvement.


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