If can, can. If no can, no can.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to blog. Life got ahead of me and I had to play some catch up. A lot has been going on. There’s lots of more stuff to write about, but that will come soon. In the meantime, take a trip with me back to paradise…

I went home to Hawai`i in September for a few weeks to be a guest and photograph my best friend’s wedding on Maui. Of all the Hawaiian Islands, Maui is the one I’ve spent the least amount of time on. This was my first real adventure on Maui. I was so lucky to have stayed in Haiku which is kind of like the North shore on Oahu with nice surf, old style Hawai’I wooden porch houses and friendly laid-back type people. I had the most awesome host. The first morning when I woke up after 17 hours of traveling, I walked outside and heard roosters crowing, smelled sweet plumeria and ginger and felt the cool ocean breeze against my face. Immediately I knew I was home. Life moves slower in the islands. Why rush? No worries. Just cruise. If can, can. If no can, no can. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Enjoy every minute…that’s what it’s all about.

 Maui was beautiful and time moves even slower than it does on Oahu. I really felt like I was living in the moment all the time. Hours felt like days. It was a nice change. Instead of documenting events, I was living   life and making memories. I laughed so much and enjoyed spending time with my extended family and being a part of my girl’s wedding. I couldn’t be happier seeing my friend marry a guy that is obviously a soul mate and understands how lucky he is to have her. I know they will have many happy years together. 

I always love spending time with other people’s family. I find it interesting to see the similarities and differences between my family and my friends. Perhaps it is the similarities that make us friends to begin with. We understand the same type of “crazy”. Ha! Ha! I love how over the years, my close friend’s families have become extensions of my own. They are my family too. 

I had so much fun at the Dragon Fruit Farm! A strange looking fruit that tastes amazing! I got to aqua ball! What the heck is an aqua ball? It’s one of me most fun things to do on Maui! Check it out…

Check out the video Aqua Ball

After a week of gallivanting around Maui, aquaball’n, watching my girl get hitched and kick’n it with my extended family, it was time for me to see my own family on Oahu. It was a quick thirty min. flight from Maui to Oahu. Flying into Honolulu, the island and high rises looked huge in comparison to anything on Maui. 

 It had only been nine months since I was last back home on Oahu.  It seemed like much longer than that. Usually I take a good month or so to spend at home, but this time I only had a week. My usual “go with the flow attitude” wasn’t going to work if wanted see family and do some of my favorite things. This part of the trip was about reconnecting with family, my roots and birth place. It’s always refreshing to go home, recharge and put things back into perspective. I got to camp on the beach, spend time with some of my family and friends, hike, surf, swim, relax and lay out. It was perfect. I only wish it was longer.

I always learn a lesson after returning from home. This time the lesson was to realize what is really important and that life goes fast. We don’t know when this crazy ride will end. That’s why we have to cherish each day and be grateful for everything and everyone in our life. Be thankful year round! Hope you had an awesome turkey day! Aloha!


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