2010 Womens Jiu Jitsu Championships

This past weekend my friend Lana and I ventured up to Dallas to participate in the very first Texas Women's Jiu Jitsu Championships! At first, I was hesitant about going because I've been so busy with traveling, school and work that I haven't had time to devote to training as I usually do prior to a tournament. But I knew I didn't want to miss this historic event for women in Ju Jitsu.

I was super excited to compete but I wondered how many women would show up since the turn-out at most local tournaments is usually very small. I was pleasantly surprised when a phenomenal number of women and girls of all ranks and sizes were there. There must have been at least 80 total participants. It was great seeing a lot of familiar faces, but there was also a ton of women that came out of the woodwork to join in. I think that they had about 30 white belts registered! In my division there were four purple belts in the gi division and the no gi division was stacked with a total of eight women! I have never had that many women compete in my division in Texas before.

The tournament ran super efficiently, especially considering it was the first tournament of it's kind. For the most part, I thought the reffing was reasonable and fair. Everyone had a lot of matches and seemed to be having a good time. It was also a great opportunity to meet fellow BJJ enthusiasts. This tournament was HUGE success! I enjoyed photographing it and competing. Congrats to all that competed and those that placed! Special thanks to Fenom Kimons, Zebra Tournament Systems of Texas, Strong Von, Launch Pad Group and Evolve Brazilian Jiu Jitsu without them this tournament would not have been possible. I can't wait until next year! Hope to see y'all before next years WJJC! Keep on rolling...

Here is video of one of my matches:

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Here are some shots from the event...

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  1. Great photos. I hope I can make it to a future WJJC. (Jen)

  2. Thanks! Hope you can make it to the next one too! It was an amazing experience and a great opportunity.


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