I ain't no super hero...

I am one of those people who is cursed with the condition of becoming bored easily. Boredom and I have had our battles and as far as I am concerned, boredom is my #1 enemy. So in order to overcome this, I am constantly finding ways to keep my brain and body active in order to escape the grips of what I consider "death"(boredom).

So what is my medicine? To do as much as I can all at once! Yes indeed, the more the merrier! Bring it on! I consider my self to be a performer in the circus of my life. I am usually playing a juggling tight rope walker. I see my life as a carefully orchestrated balancing act where I am constantly juggling work, my business, school, jiu jitsu and my personal life. I am happiest when I am running a mile a min. and feeding off a full plate.

It seems as though there is always something more to do and never enough hours in a day for all of it. If only I could be a super hero. I wouldn't have to eat and I'd never need to sleep. I'd love to have super human strength, move lightening fast and never feel fatigue. These powers would give me a whole new meaning to the concept of multi-tasking. Not to mention I would be amazing at BJJ. But to my dismay, I am only human and without super powers.

When I was in my early 20's I remember my loved one saying that I just needed to relax. Relax? What is that? Pfft, I'll relax when I am dead. I am one of those people who can operate at a high level of stress on a regular basis. I've been told in the past that I only have two settings, on and off.

However, as I've grown older I've come to realize that I need "me time" just as much as I need to rush to escape boredom. Without "me time" I am not the same Shama that I know and love. So I've learned how to "slow my roll". By listening to my body and to that inner voice that looks out for my best interest, I now know that I can not operate at 100% all the time. I am not invincible and I am susceptible to illness, disease and other elements associated with stress just like anyone else. I need to RELAX every once in a while. Sometimes doing nothing is okay. Sometimes that's what I need to do in order to be a happy, healthy and functioning person.

I have to admit even now, it is not always easy for me to slow down when I need to. I struggle with learning what it really means to be good to myself. Sometimes that inner voice is drained out by the rest of the world around me. I've come to understand that knowing when to "tap out" is just as important and "winning" the battles against boredom. And although super hero powers would be awesome, I think that if I had super hero powers I'd be back to square one and life would be just as boring with out any of the challenges we face as humans.


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