Don't go chasing after promotions

I am grateful to be a part of an organization that holds their students to such high standards and pushes each of us to reach our greatest heights. It is true that there are no free hand-outs at Relson Gracie. Belts and stripes are something earned through hard work, dedication, involvement, accomplishments and much more. Because Relson Gracie has these core principals it gives the whole promotional experience meaning and instills me with a sense of true accomplishment.

In my opinion, belts are the most meaningful promotions over stripes. To me they represent a closing of one chapter and beginning of another. Earning a new belt is a milestone. It places me on top of a new plateau on the mountain I've climbed upon for 6 years now. I am nowhere near the top, but by comparison, I am much further from the bottom than when I started.

Everyone learns differently and excels in varying areas. Some people catch on quicker than others. Therefore not everyone is promoted at the same times even if you began together. I don't believe in chasing after belts. Promotions must mean something to me. At the end of the day the real questions is: what type of black belt do I want to be?

"The belt only covers the two inches above your ass. The rest is up to you."
-Royce Gracie


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